[uf-discuss] How to Announce the Availability of New Media Content with uf?

Jeff Harrington jeff at parnasse.com
Tue Dec 13 05:52:37 PST 2005

Ryan King wrote:

> On Dec 12, 2005, at 5:59 AM, Jeff Harrington wrote:
>> I've been thinking and researching for a solution to a problem  
>> independent artists have on the web.  Because of the loss of the  
>> MP3.COM community, and the diaspora of OMD's online musicians have  
>> been dispersed and now find themselve unable to easily 'announce'  
>> their new works to other music creators and consumers.
>> I've proposed at my blog, htttp://beepsnort.org a use of  
>> del.iciou.us tags to help in this process - (A Proposal for  
>> Announcing New Music Recordings on the Nethttp://beepsnort.org/ 
>> archives/000402.html) but now I'm beginning to think that  
>> microformats might be needed in order to additionally create a  
>> discovery phase of this announcement process.  Also, my use of the  
>> example, mp3_classical_contemporary tag, would probably eventually  
>> lead to an over-abundance of announcements and pseudo-announcements  
>> as the community began using it.  (Admittedly its a hack approach  
>> but does auto-generate podcasts hehe).
>> Is there an implicit announcement mechanism built in already that  
>> I'm missing?
> Weblog.com style ping servers would be an example of technology that  
> does notification. But I have a feeling you are concerned with  
> technical notification, but with a more human type of notification.  
> As is, I don't think there's a web-wide way to do this, you still  
> gotta pound the pavement.
Yeah, I'm learning about them now... should have one up shortly.  Great 
idea guys...

> Also, as I'm sure you know, µf's are modeled after existing user  
> behavior. So it might be worthwhile to see what artists are already  
> doing to promote themselves and start there.
Well, since I invented this whole 'internet musician thing' ;)  I'll ask 
myself what I would do.  Heheh...


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