[uf-discuss] Newspaper XML format?

Dr. Ernie Prabhakar drernie at opendarwin.org
Mon Dec 19 10:04:06 PST 2005

Hi all,

I ran across this on the atom list, and wanted to pass it along in  
case anybody was working on a "newspaper" markup format.  I suspect  
that this should ultimately be built around hAtom, but I'm not sure  
where (if anywhere) in belongs on the current wiki.  They also seem  
interested in RDF and the Semantic Web; anybody want to talk to them  
about semantic HTML?

-- Ernie P.

The IPTC NewsML2 Architecture WP is very happy to announce that the  
www.iptc.org/dev site has been updated.

  Here you will find:

-          a document introducing the current experimental phase  
(new!). The first part target IT management, and the second part  
targets implementers.

-          an updated NAR Model draft document (v12)

-          an updated Technical Specification draft document (v18)

-          a Glossary document (new!, v1)

-          a set of W3C XML schemas (new!, XSD format, v0.6)

-          a NewsML2 -> RDF N-triples XSLT transform (new!, v1)

All these resources are provided in order to help users test NewsML2  
in its draft form.

  It is now time for experimentation. Tests and feed-back on the  
current documentation and schemata would be highly appreciated from  
the news community.

Note: in order to access the XSD schema and contributions, you need  
to download this package.

After download, please drop the file in a “root” directory and unzip  
it: this will create a directory tree, with “IPTC” at the top.

  The “IPTC/NAR/1.0” subfolder contains itself 4 folders:

-          “specification” contains the Model, the TechSpec, the set  
of XML schemas and test samples (used to check the schema; better  
samples will come soon).

-          “documentation” contains the Glossary plus the  
introduction to the current experimental phase.

-          “contribution” contains the NewsML2 -> RDF N-triples XSLT  

-          “examples”: we will provide samples asap.

We hope that you will find it useful.

Laurent Le Meur

IPTC NewsML Architecture WP chair

AFP Medialab, manager

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