[uf-discuss] hCard Comments

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Wed Dec 21 15:24:24 PST 2005


Is the hCard format supposed to contain all classes as specified in the 
vCard RFC unless otherwise specified?  Or is it limited in scope to what has 
actually been mentioned?

Key is mentioned specifically in the spec, but there doesn't seem to be any 
definition indicating how exactly it should be implemented.  What kind of 
key to use?  Is there a link to a file or base64 encoded inline?

Is class="hcard" ever used?

The spec does not specifically address the use of handles or usernames, so I 
was wondering about input about this.

There are a number of websites that will allow a user to have both a 
username and to enter their real name.  Many of these sites do not display 
the real name to normal users, or possibly in normal browsing.  It would 
seem to make sense to display the username in the "fn" so that you have:

<span class="fn nickname">Atamido</span>

Now, if an admin is looking at the same profile information, it would be far 
easier on the backend design to have it simply add the real name before the 
user name like this:

<span class="fn">Paul Bryson</span>
<span class="fn nickname">Atamido</span>

Would this be appropriate?

Paul Bryson 

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