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Lisa Rein lisa at lisarein.com
Tue Oct 11 21:24:16 PDT 2005

Hey Josh,

This is really cool!

Perhaps we could start by including the 8 core elements described here:


some of them match up already:


perhaps creator, date, format and description would be a great start.



> Just wanted to share a small project I launched today... I modified
> the javascript hCard Creator to make a wizard to generate pop-up links
> for videobloggers. If there was a microformat for describing media I
> would be happily to incorporate it into this (rel="enclosure" is in
> there).
> < http://joshkinberg.com/popupmaker/ >
> The code generated will launch a pop-up window with the specified
> video properly embedded in HTML. The pop-up window is a PHP file on my
> website -- choosing the appropriate embed code for the video is
> handled server side (currently accepts most file formats for Quicktime
> and Windows Media plugins):
> <
> http://joshkinberg.com/popup.php?url=http://joshkinberg.com/blog/files/tornado.mov
> Its still a little crude, and there may be a few bugs here and there,
> but it basically works....
> The reason for this is that many videobloggers use Blogger or another
> hosted service.
> They also typically use video hosting services such as
> OurMedia/Internet Archive to host and serve their video files.
> Often they do not know how to write HTML in order to embed the videos
> in their blog entries, nor do they have the ability to create pop-up
> windows with embedded video for this purpose.
> Typically videobloggers just link directly to the video file expecting
> it to play nicely in the browser, which is not the case if the viewer
> is using Internet Explorer because of the way IE handles video plugins
> (it disables Quicktime Fast-Start unless the video is embedded, and
> WMV will launch in Windows Media Player if not embedded).
> But, services like FeedBurner and others require direct links to the
> video file in order to create enclosures in the RSS feed, so simply
> embedding the video is not enough. Not to mention that a page full of
> embedded videos, even using Quicktime poster images, will load slowly
> and cause rendering headaches for your web browser.
> So.... this solution combines the best of both worlds.
> Please let me know what you think, and also if you see a way to stuff
> more Microformat goodness in there.
> -josh
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Lisa Rein

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