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Ryan King ryan at technorati.com
Wed Oct 12 11:10:11 PDT 2005

On Oct 12, 2005, at 11:02 AM, Lisa Rein wrote:

> I agree entirely -- It's the videobloggers who this has to appeal  
> too -- I
> just want to remain compatible with the existing systems.
> josh suggested something like this:
> <a href=[URL of video] title=[title of video] type=[mime-type]
>  rel="enclosure">
>  <img src=[URL of thumbnail image] class="thumbnail" />
>  </a>
> i think that would be great! I'd start using the tool right away, and
> encourage others to do so.
> of course, "author" would be great too

<address class="vcard">..</address>

All the magic is already there. :D

> (it can always resolve to "creator"
> on the back end, for those who need it to) - that's the point of my
> "harmonization" suggestion -- and perhaps I could have made that point
> better:
> As long as the objects are modeled relatively the same, one persons
> "author" can be another persons "creator." (Personally, "creator" has
> always made me chuckle -- like it sounded like it was coming from the
> Ohmighty, er something :-)
> anyway - let's keep going with this guys! I'd like to start  
> implementing
> to help put the ideas out there.

Please contribute any markup examples you have.

We need to persist markup examples on the wiki- for the benefit of  
others in this community who aren't domain experts and as a defensive  
measure in the future, so that we can show the entire paper trail of  
developing the microformat.

> BTW -- I've seen a working hcalendar implementation -- and I done  
> drunk
> the koolade! (hee haw)

There's actually a bunch of them:


Shall I continue? :D


> http://we05.com/program.cfm
> goes into the form here:
> http://suda.co.uk/projects/X2V/
> thanks!
> lisa
>> Most commonly, videobloggers use very simple markup for their  
>> video posts.
>> Here is a video tutorial from http://FreeVlog.org that teaches people
>> how to use Blogger and OurMedia to create a videoblog: <
>> http://freevlog.org/tutorial/post.htm >
>> The way they teach it, you upload an image with Blogger and make it
>> link to your video on OurMedia using the tools provided in the  
>> Blogger
>> GUI: upload image, select image and press the link button, paste in
>> the link that was copied from OurMedia and you're done without ever
>> having dealt with HTML.
>> This is not the most semantically structured markup in the world, but
>> if you simply add rel="enclosure" and a few other attributes to the
>> <a> tag, then you've got something like this:
>> <a href=[URL of video] title=[title of video] type=[mime-type]
>> rel="enclosure">
>> <img src=[URL of thumbnail image] class="thumbnail" />
>> </a>
>> Some people embed the videos in their blog posts, but not many do  
>> that
>> as it requires a greater facility with HTML. Not very many people use
>> pop-ups like I've done here as it requires knowledge of javascript in
>> addition to HTML, though I believe it makes for a better viewing
>> experience on the web, not to mention I'm eliminating the need to  
>> make
>> a new pop-up window for each video by allowing the video URL to be
>> passed in dynamically:
>> < http://joshkinberg.com/popupmaker/ >
>> Perhaps some of these other elements like Creator, Duration, Date,
>> etc... could be handled by wrapping this basic construct above within
>> a <div> and including other Microformats inside, like hCard,
>> hCalendar, relTag, relLicense, relPayment, etc.
>> My perspective may also be slanted because I am thinking from the
>> point of view of the videoblogging community, which has different
>> concerns than most mainstream media outlets when it comes to
>> publishing video online.
>> When it comes to mainstream media, they tend to use embedded video,
>> often streaming, and done in such a way so as to make it very
>> difficult, if not impossible, to reverse engineer the direct URL to
>> the media (as if to say, "you will not link to our video no matter  
>> how
>> hard you try... we will destroy our own google ranking, thank you  
>> very
>> much!").
>> Porn video sites on the other hand probably account for most of the
>> video content on the Internet (surprise surprise). They seem to use
>> the basic videoblogger construct above... image links pointing
>> directly to the video source.... at least that's for the free  
>> content,
>> I'm not a paying customer so I don't know if the for-pay video is
>> handled any differently mark-up wise.
>> -josh
>> On 10/12/05, Ryan King <ryan at technorati.com> wrote:
>>> On Oct 11, 2005, at 7:51 PM, Joshua Kinberg wrote:
>>>> Just wanted to share a small project I launched today... I modified
>>>> the javascript hCard Creator to make a wizard to generate pop-up  
>>>> links
>>>> for videobloggers. If there was a microformat for describing  
>>>> media I
>>>> would be happily to incorporate it into this (rel="enclosure" is in
>>>> there).
>>> On the subject of a media-metadata microformat, here's what I think
>>> is holding things up...
>>> We have a good deal of coverage on previous (explicit) schemas/
>>> formats. But, we don't (unless I've missed it) have any  
>>> documentation
>>> of implicit schemas/formats as expressed in how people (podcasters,
>>> vloggers, etc) mark this stuff up.
>>> David Janes has been working on this kind of research for blog
>>> formats, it'd be great to have it for media as well.
>>> -ryan
>>> PS- The project's really cool. :D
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