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Andreas Haugstrup solitude at solitude.dk
Thu Oct 13 09:12:40 PDT 2005

On Wed, 12 Oct 2005 20:48:58 +0200, Joshua Kinberg <jkinberg at gmail.com>  

> Here's what I think, which is basically outlined in the table on the
> wiki located here:
> < http://microformats.org/wiki/media-metadata-examples >
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> <div class="enclosure">
>     <a href=[URL of video] title=[title of video] type=[mime-type]
> rel="enclosure">
>         <img src=[URL of thumbnail image] class="thumbnail" />
>     </a>
>     <abbr class="duration" title="00:27:35">27 minutes, 35 seconds</abbr>
>     [hCard of XFN for roles of creators/authors]
>     [hCalendar for date of creation]
>     [relLicense for license info]
>     [relTag for category/taxonomy info]
>     [relPayment for payment info]
>     <blockquote>[description of video]</blockquote>
> </div>
> ------------------------------------------------------------------

Like someone else pointed out much of this is inherited from the blog  
entry in most cases in the wild. This is especially true for license, tags  
and payment. From an ideological standpoint I can appreciate the use of  
<blockquote> (with a cite-attribute pointing the the URL of video), but I  
haven't seen it like that anywhere. Usually the description of the video  
is the blog text. :o)

> Multiple relEnclosure links within the <div> should be the same video
> content, but perhaps different formats or resolutions.

I've been using unordered lists for that, but as long as the use of <div>  
isn't a requirement...

> Multiple <div class="enclosure"> elements may be used so long as each
> <div> is a different piece of video content (e.g. do not ue additional
> <div>'s for the same video at different resolutions)

You run into some trouble with descriptions. Take a look at <URL:  
http://www.dltq.org/?p=667 >. It's a blog entry with a total of 10 (!)  
videos enclosed. They are spread out throughout the entry. Wrapping the  
entire entry in a blockquote is not an option as it would span over all  
ten different videos. There are even multiple videos per *sentence* so  
marking up a seperate description for each one is a bit hard.

I have a feeling the format that best follow the current uses is just a  
link with an optional image - no div or anything. And then a list for  
different versions of the same video. But I haven't done the research, I'm  
sure some people are also using lists to represent different videos.

> But... this is a lot of data that we're asking people to enter.
> Imagine all those form fields staring at you on a webpage. I'm not
> saying that it wouldn't be good to have all that data and an easy way
> to input it, but the chance that someone would actually fill out all
> those *optional* fields might be rather slim.

All the more reason to use as much from the blog entry as possible. :o)

- Andreas
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