[microformats-discuss] Some kind "CSS Zen Garden" for microformats

Chris Hibbert chris at commerce.net
Tue Oct 18 11:25:29 PDT 2005

Some thoughts on the Zen Garden:

Ryan's explanation on how you could link to gMaps, or build tables, 
outlines, or addressbooks from the info on the page seems clear.  The 
thing that you want to demonstrate to visitors wouldn't be visible from 
any static content, because the point is that it was easy to regenerate 
the maps, links, tables, etc. when the content changed.  We want 
something that makes it visible that the point isn't that you *can* 
generate them, but that they generating them when the content changes 
isn't any more work.

So you want a website that either allows the user to edit the content 
(you've started building on top of a wiki anyway, right?), and it then 
automatically updates the computed sidebars, or the computed sidebars 
are the result of pages that you visit (perhaps in a subframe?).  That 
way, visitors can see that the tools are picking out the data based on 
the microformated content, and building the cascaded results dynamically.

Does that give anyone clearer ideas on how to structure a demo zen 
garden site?

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