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Luke Arno luke.arno at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 14:07:48 PDT 2005

I am going to play devil's advocate a bit here.

REST is just the architectural style of HTTP. HTML (now XHTML) is the
bread and butter of HTTP. Perhaps the name should convey what is
new here. REX sort of emphasizes the parts of what you are doing
that are nothing new. You may get reactions like this:


I am not sure that something has been formalized to the point of
needing a name but that said maybe BRIM...

- Browser-based REST Interactions with Microformats

While this is relatively new territory, there are a lot of people
headed in this direction (and not naming it.) I went to the "AJAX"
tutorial at OSCON this year and Alex Russel of the Dojo project [1]
mentioned that they were playing with techniques using little
chunks to XHTML (if I remember correctly.) I am sure there are
plenty of others.

I think the technique you are describing is probably only unique in
that it is specifically MF based so if you do name it I suggest that
you put microformats in the name. Or you may want to see how the
cowpaths turn out and try your ideas out in an app or two before you
name it.

On the other hand I am *not* a marketing guy so... :-)


- Luke

[1] http://dojotoolkit.com/

On 10/20/05, Stephen Downes <stephen at downes.ca> wrote:
> Hiya,
> The reasons why I went with 'REST Enabled XHTML':
>    - it's short, punchy and clear -- no hyphens, no ambiguous or jargony
> words, easy to remember
>    - it captures 'point of view' -- people will start with XHTML, and
> REX allows them to use REST too, hence the XHTML is 'REST enabled' for them
> Trying to be more technical about the wording, to ensure that it's 100%
> expressive merely than 80%, in my view dilutes it, makes it harder to
> understand, makes the acronym look like it was a stretch instead of an
> easy fit.
> Just my view; you all can call it whatever you want. :)
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