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Tim White tjameswhite at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 31 12:22:55 PST 2005

Julian Bond said:
> So I started looking for a microformat for describing books and
> couldn't 
> find one. And shortly after, I started thinking about similar
> problems 
> with music, and then arbitrary SKUs and ASINs. There's clearly a
> problem 
> here that book is quite well defined, music (track, album, MP3 ID
> tag) 
> rather less so, and a Hello Kitty iPod sock hardly at all.

I've actually been thinking about this for quite a while (and we had a
couple of minor threads about it a few months ago.) Some thought has
been started

I am currently working on identifying bibliographic material as we
speak. I work at a large publishing company and am currently helping
bring standards to our electronic products. The need for a
bibliographic microformat has become apparent our XHTML refactoring.
I've been spending the afternoon trying to digest MARC Records and
Z39.80 standards.

I hope to get a post on my blog by tomorrow with some thoughts and
examples. I'll be looking for some feedback and next steps after that.

I'll keep you posted.

~ Tim

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