[microformats-discuss] veg-o-matic: Pre-alpha web service for xFolk and other microformats

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Sep 3 07:54:44 PDT 2005

This is very cool Bud.  Congrats for getting this out before the holiday.

I've added veg-o-matic to the implementations section of the xFolk spec:


Have a great Labor Day Weekend!



On 9/2/05 2:34 PM, "Bud Gibson" <bud at thecommunityengine.com> wrote:

> Dear all:
> I'm not sure you can do anything useful with this at all, but Mike
> Migurski and I have hacked together a demonstration of a potential
> web service using greasemonkey, an alpha-level rewrite of Mike
> Migurski, Mike Frumin, and Eric Rodenbeck's reblog, and one
> microformat xFolk.  We call it veg-o-matic because it "slices,
> dices, ...", or at least we would like to think it will some day.
> You can see veg-o-matic in action by:
> 1.  Installing this greasemonkey script:  http://
> thecommunityengine.com/resources/xfolk-forms4.user.js
> 2.  Going to one of these sites:
> http://thecommunityengine.com/webcites
> http://de.lirio.us
> 3.  Clicking on the chiclet next to the title and clicking cancel on
> the alert that pops up.  If you hit OK, you will see an ugly but
> serviceable edit page.
> 4.  Going to http://thecommunityengine.com/veg-o-matic to see the
> results.  You get html and an rss feed.
> Have a look at this post if you would like to know more details:
> http://thecommunityengine.com/home/archives/2005/09/vegomatic_an_al.html
> There's a lot that is not there, in particular any notion of
> individual users, etc.  When you look at veg-o-matic, it will also be
> clear you can easily abuse the site.
> Oh, well.
> I'm putting veg-o-matic out there because I would like feedback from
> an informed group.  If it gets too hairy or abused, I'll just take it
> down.
> Bud
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