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On Sep 3, 2005, at 4:57 PM, Robert Sayre wrote:

> [this message has also been posted to atom-protocol at imc.org, but that
> list is not CCed here]
> Here are a couple thoughts on Atom category editing and Atom
> Publishing Protocol error documents. Also, these thoughts come with
> sample client and sample server implementations written in Python
> (appendices A and B).
> -------------------
> (I submitted it, but it's not in the I-D directory yet)
> http://www.franklinmint.fm/2005/09/03/draft-sayre-atompub-xhtml- 
> micro-00.html
> http://www.franklinmint.fm/2005/09/03/draft-sayre-atompub-xhtml- 
> micro-00.txt
> Atom Publishing Protocol [APP] client implementations require a fair
> amount of ancillary server-provided data in order to provide a smooth
> user experience.

And what would those be?


> Rather than invent a plethora of new XML formats,
> this specification chooses to present a number of XHTML profiles
> [XHTML], colloquially known as "microformats". Visit
> <http://microformats.org> for more information.
> -------------------
> Please consider this a discussion
> (<http://microformats.org/wiki/process>). I had a random thought and
> decided to see if it would work, but the ideas turned into a spec and
> a couple of implementations before I knew it. I'm not attached to the
> actual XHTML markup, but I think the basic capabilities are pretty
> solid. Basically, the format builds on Atom's category element and the
> metaWeblog API's getCategories facilities.
> Comments, changes, process suggestions, and anything else welcome. I'd
> be happy to put this on the wiki if that's appropriate.
> enjoy,
> Robert Sayre
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