[microformats-discuss] Definition of "microformat"?

DuCharme, Bob (LNG-CHO) bob.ducharme at lexisnexis.com
Fri Sep 16 06:22:34 PDT 2005

Stephen Downes wrote:

>"Microformats are descriptions of types of data that can be expressed
>in a consistent manner and which can be part of, or embedded in,
>larger data elements. When the consistent expression of a microformat
>is defined and widely employed, this data may be reliably extracted
>from these larger data elements, thus allowing the microformat data to
>assist in the characterization and indexing of the larger data

I think the emphasis on embedding microformat data elsewhere for later
aggregation adds (and explains) a lot. Shouldn't a complete definition of
microformats mention the re-use of existing schemas, though? As I understand
it, making up your own elements and attributes is not the typical
microformats approach. 

Otherwise, substituting "RDF" for "Microformats" above would still make your
paragraph a true statement!


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