[microformats-discuss] Presentation about VoteLinks at Web Intelligence conference

paolo massa massa at itc.it
Wed Sep 21 08:11:42 PDT 2005

I just finished giving a presentation at the Web Intelligence
Conference. I tried to push the concept of VoteLinks. You might find
it at
(of course in S5!)

Nothing earth-shaking at all. But I thought it would be good to have
the Web Intelligence community knows about VoteLinks and other
You might be not surprised that only 1 person (out of a number of
people raging from 10 to 30) had heard of VoteLinks before. Oh, how
much I would love to come to those BarCamp conferences that seems so
cool! ;-(

I suggested everybody to subscribe to this mailing list ... but don't
worry there will be no invasion! Actually if one subscribes I'll be
Any feedback welcome! And feel free to link to it of course ...
hopefully not with a rev="vote-against" link!! ;-)


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