[uf-discuss] proposed geo syntax addition (affects hCard) Re: [microformats-discuss] adr and geo microformats finally written up

Tantek Ç elik tantek at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Mar 4 08:32:14 PST 2006

Hi Brian,

On 3/4/06 8:02 AM, "Brian Suda" <brian.suda at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just had two immediate thoughts, none of whick really effect this
> idea, i just wanted to get them out there documented.
> 1) The current GEO property has to have sub-properties of
> class="latitude" and class="logitude" this is lost if they get moved
> into the ABBR title.

Correct. This requirement is relaxed by the "implied latitude longitude"

> (which is OK because there is the RFC that
> describes the proper way to describe the order etc)


> so this is really
> a non-issue unless there is some hard-core geo-caching folks out there
> who think ALTITUDE is a requirement as well?

There are two primary feature requests to GEO:
 1. Altitude (lots of GEO folks)
 2. Radius of interest / zoom level (Kevin Marks)

> vCard can't handle it, so
> i'm not sure what we do in any case....

Correct.  For now we are rejecting both of these because they would require
extending the vCard/hCard schema which we do not want to do (ATM).

> 2) i know awhile ago i brought-up the idea of using a web service to
> get the LAT/LONG from an address and adding GEO to a vCard if none was
> present. This was rejected because an address is a polygon (your
> house/office is not a point in space, but actually a shape on the X/Y
> plane)


Brian, could you add this as an hCard FAQ?

> So when we are using the ABBR element to say this point is an
> abbreviation of this space, is that correct? I think it is an
> acceptable solution.

It's an interesting perspective to think about.

However, in this case, even the address itself is abbreviated, so it make
sense to mark it up in an <abbr>.  If the complete address is given then you
have a polygon vs. a point which is interesting.  I think we may need some
experience with this to see how it works.

> I have coded-up X2V to handle GEO in <abbr>, it is only running
> locally, but in the few tests it is working fine and make sense. By
> simply wrapping your class="adr" elements in an <abbr class="geo" ...
> adds value


Could you give this example in the wild a try and see if it works?


> (but is it hidding metadata?)

Not sure.  If there is nothing about the location in the visible data, then
yes it is hiding metadata which is not good.  There should be at least
*some* visual representation of the geo location, whether a partial address
(like just a street number and name), a clickable link to a mapping site, or
a map image directly included.



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