[uf-discuss] Product Data Microformat Revisited

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Fri Mar 10 12:47:06 PST 2006

If you attach $-signs to them you'll gain lots more traction.

At that level I think semi-professional eBayers and small scale craft
manufacturers are the most likely to benefit from a product data
microformat - retailers benefit from using them not necessarily from
creating them - does that make sense? (i.e. Bookshops and
distribiuters benefit from ISBNs but book publishers actually pay to
attach them to the books.)

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen has some interesting thoughts at:


On 3/10/06, Chris Roos <chris at seagul.co.uk> wrote:
> Patrick Tufts wrote:
> > Chris Roos wrote:
> >> I think that all the other
> >> microformats can be useful even if only used by individuals: where a
> >> product microformat only really becomes useful when used/endorsed by
> >> retailers.  Does this sound fair?
> >
> > Sure, go after the retailers, but *really* go after bloggers who review
> > products. They want their info to be found, and are early adopters.
> >
> I understand that, but the use case I had earlier would rely on the
> retailers taking it up.  I still haven't come across a use case that
> would involve/rely on blogger's marking up products that they are
> talking about.
> Chris
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