[uf-discuss] Licensing and microformat content within feeds

John Panzer jpanzer at aol.net
Wed Mar 22 14:31:16 PST 2006

At the moment, I'm looking for exactly this -- pointers to existing 
actual practices.  I'll note that the Feedburner approach 
(http://www.burningdoor.com/eric/archives/000759.html) is different from 
James Snell's link rel="license" extension for Atom.  Is one or the 
other in actual use?

Chris Messina wrote:

>Feedburner already allows you to embed a license in your feed. We
>should document their approach.
>I think feeds already allow you to embed a license generally:
>  http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/xml/library/x-extatom2.html
>  http://ietfreport.isoc.org/idref/draft-snell-atompub-feed-license/
>One other idea to consider for hAtom at least would be embedding a
>license using the object tag -- this way you could simply refer to the
>external license permalink and not replicate all the extra data (which
>seems to me one of the shortcomings of the current licensing
>Anyway, I might be missing the point of your question -- what are you
>looking for?
>On 3/22/06, John Panzer <jpanzer at aol.net> wrote:
>>I'm starting a discussion about feed licencing which might be of
>>interest to members of this mailing list, and which will hopefully help
>>form the technical extensions that AOL adopts to deal with feed
>>licencing issues.  I'm soliciting input from the community.
>>This may apply to hAtom (to the extent that hAtom ends up being used as
>>a substitute for XML based feed data) and of course data within RSS or
>>Atom feeds may have RelLicence elements.
>>This is the initial discussion, painfully abstracted to avoid the
>>complicated stuff.  I'm trying at this point to see which of these
>>starting assumptions are themselves problematic before going further.
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