Vote on this: rel="me self" to indicate an authoritative hCard {was: Re: [uf-discuss] Authoritative hCards [was RE: Canonical hCards (was: Search on CSS element)]}

David Janes davidjanes at
Wed Feb 7 12:50:54 PST 2007

On 2/7/07, Ryan King <ryan at> wrote:
> Yes there are several problems:
> 1. XFN applies to whole pages. This means that you can't reliably put
> different people's hCards on the same page and do this.
> 2. We have prior art that is being ignored. Publishers are already
> using <a class="url uid" ...>...</a> to do this.
> I apologize for being late to this discussion, but I think it's off
> track and we need to correct things a bit.

Sure. Show us how it works with the original real-world case I
provided -- i.e. your hCard on blog, pointing to your
home page, using your /contacts hcard as your authoritative hCard.

Regards, etc...

David Janes
Founder, BlogMatrix

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