[uf-discuss] Training events in hResume

Pat Ramsey ramsey.pat at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 06:58:57 PST 2007

When I see training and education, I see learning. I attended schools
that were better than others; I've experienced training that was
better than others. Both training and education are experiences that
people enter with the goal of learning something once they've
completed them. Some training leads to certification as does some
education. There is online education and there is online training.

I really think the lines are being blurred between the two and so far,
I can't see the benefit of creating a new hResume class for training.
Not yet, at least. It's a type of education, so perhaps a
"class=education" type="training, online, apprentice, journeyman,
certification, secondary, university, graduate, etc." could be

Maybe using "type" is a way to meet existing traditional differences
while allowing for changes in the education/training environment?


On 2/16/07, Rob Crowther <robertc at gmail.com> wrote:

> Do you differentiate between "training which leads to certification"
> and just plain training, or do you just differentiate between
> education and training?  I think probably just education and training
> is enough, but there may be some ambiguity in what people consider to
> be education rather than training.  I'm not sure whether there may be
> cultural differences here - are people in the UK (or Eire/Europe?)
> more likely to consider school and university education as distinct
> from training leading to qualifications than in other parts of the
> world?

Pat Ramsey
ramsey.pat at gmail.com

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