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stephen mulcahy stephen at skynet.ie
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I differentiate between training and education but don't
subdifferentiate training which leads to certification and training
which doesn't (I guess in my experience - the prescence or abscence of a
certificate is not a useful metric to the quality of the training ...
but I may just be a little cynical about the entire notion of
certification which isn't going to be helpful to this discussion :)

I think education typically tends to be relatively broad and long-term -
say a degree spanning 4 years in the area of IT or Computer Science
while a training course tends to be very focused and intended to equip
someone with specific skills than expand their knowledge (I'm using
those terms loosely here and fear I may offend someones exact
definitions but I'm hoping you get my general idea) - say a Linux System
Administration course.

I can see how others view them all as "that which involves the
acquisition of knowledge" but thats not a useful perspective to me when
reviewing peoples CVs (or indeed preparing my own).

You may be right about different cultural perceptions of training and


Rob Crowther wrote:
> On 15/02/07, stephen mulcahy <stephen at skynet.ie> wrote:
>> As an employer I strongly differentiate between the 2 and believe most
>> employees work similarly. I would urge you to consider differentiating
>> them in hResume.
> Do you differentiate between "training which leads to certification"
> and just plain training, or do you just differentiate between
> education and training?  I think probably just education and training
> is enough, but there may be some ambiguity in what people consider to
> be education rather than training.  I'm not sure whether there may be
> cultural differences here - are people in the UK (or Eire/Europe?)
> more likely to consider school and university education as distinct
> from training leading to qualifications than in other parts of the
> world?
> Rob
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