[uf-discuss] Operator Usability Question

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Sat Jan 13 11:57:03 PST 2007

In message
<e06e0e0b0701130817w641ecf48we9e432d3977dc75c at mail.gmail.com>, Mike
Kaply <microformats at kaply.com> writes

>I apologize for asking an Operator question to the microformats group,

I don't think any apology is needed.

>Currently, holding down the Ctrl Key when clicking on an entry in
>Operator displays the HTML and holding down the shift key when
>clicking displays the content as I store it in an internal structure.
>Unfortunately, my choice of the Ctrl key was a bad one,
>Of the two actions I provide, which is the most useful to microformat
>developers, seeing the source of the microformat or how I interpret

Your interpretation = +1

>Alternatively, should I simply add menu items that correspond to these
>two actions when Operator is in debug mode

Yes, please.

>and get rid of the keystrokes completely.

why not off all the options, as user-configurable settings?

Andy Mabbett


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