[uf-discuss] hCard email & type properties

Kim Franch romakimmy at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 09:48:18 PST 2007


I am working on an AddressBook type module for Drupal using hCard and
have run up against a minor quandrum in correctly formatting email (&
to a lesser extent url) properties. I've read through hCard
information on this mailing list and found a type of answer, but I'd
like to pick your collective brains, if I may.

The inital problem I encountered with both propeties stemmed from the
fact that I hook into another Drupal module for link managment and
click-through tracking, the latter using a redirect after logging the
click-through. Scanning through the list I found the following
possible solutions:


My confusion comes when trying to impliment email types. I used the
following markup:

<a href="FooBarRedirect">
  <abbr class="email" title="random at foo.com">
    <span class="type" title="internet pref">Email FooBar</span>


<a href="FooBarRedirect">
  <abbr class="url" title="www.foo.com">FooBar Webpage</abbr>

>From what I've read through, I believed this would be correct, while
keeping markup to a minimum. However, checking my hcard markup using
the Tails & Operator Firefox extensions proved troublesome in the fact
that when exporting the cards 'Email FooBar' showed up as the email
address instead of random at foo.com. Tails would show the correct email
address in the sidebar, but not in the exportation.

I realise that potential issues with these extentions are outside the
scope of this list; I would appreiciate, though, comment or
suggestions on the above markup.

Best regards,


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