[uf-discuss] An Inconvenient hCard

Paul Wilkins paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz
Wed Mar 21 20:33:31 PST 2007

From: "Andy Mabbett" <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk>
> In message <008201c76b58$57347c20$bc08a8c0 at nzto22>, Paul Wilkins
> <paul_wilkins at xtra.co.nz> writes
>>a slight loosening of the semantics of the abbr element.
>><p class="tel>
>>   <abbr class="type" title="fax">Téléc</abbr>.:
>>   <span class="value">(514) 123-4568</span>
> This thread is going in circles, On 12 March, I wrote, having suggested
> the same possibility, that:
>        ...there are concerns that that's an abuse of "abbr".

I think that abuse is too strong a term for what's happening here.

There is historical evidence that in the case of microformats, such a thing 
is allowed.

To markup the following vcard example.



<span class="tel">
   <abbr class="type" title="pref">my</abbr>
   <span class="type">work</span>
   <abbr class="type" title="voice">phone</abbr>, with
   <abbr class="type" title="msg">voicemail</abbr>:
   <span class="value">+1-213-555-1234</span>

Paul Wilkins 

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