[uf-discuss] Marking up table rows

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Tue Sep 4 08:51:32 PDT 2007

On Tue, September 4, 2007 16:16, Montgomery, Mike wrote:

>> How would I mark-up the second table row (based on a real-world
>> advocacy example):
>> <tr><th>Longitude</th><th>Latitude</th><th>Height</th><th>Fooobar</th>
>> <th>Place</th></tr>
>> <tr><td>16.30</td><td>61.07</td><td>140</td><td>zzz</td><td>Widgetsville
>> </td></tr>
>> with both hCard and geo?
>> The real example has ~50 rows. Is it feasible to wrap each in:
>> <tbody class="vcard">?
>> is there an alternative?
> Would it be feasible to add the class="vcard" to the <tr> instead?

Then what would you wrap with "geo"?

> Also, just out of curiosity, why you would mark this information as an
> hcard?

Geo on its own has no label. By using hCard, and applying class="fn org"
to the place-name, the Geo is, in effect, labelled.

Andy Mabbett
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