[uf-discuss] Microformats and Firefox 3

Farndon, Tony tony.farndon at forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Wed Sep 5 05:16:27 PDT 2007

> If something should add anything it should be added by a 
> javascript...

CSS is frequently used to *add* and place onto a page, be it a
background image, a border, etc

What I am saying is rather than add say, a background image, you use CSS
to add/place a microformat icon. How this icon behaves when you click on
it is designed by FF, what you are saying to the web designer is where
do you want this dropdown/menu/action/whatever container to appear, if
at all.

> If something should instruct 
> anything to add new HTML-data to a document it has to be 
> either the HTML itself or JavaScripts. 

This is where I have got confused over what this whole topic is this
about: the UI or adding actions (hence my reply was to point 2 from
Mike). My impression is that it is a UI issue of how you notify the user
that there is uf present, where it is on the page and what actions are
available, without stepping on the toes of the designer and the users
browsing experience.

This is a *design* issue which to me implies a css solution.

> There are probably better arguments for choosing a solution 
> like this over a CSS and/or HTML based solution, I hope 
> someone more experienced than me can tell us some of them.

There are of coarse many valid reasons for a non-js approach. How many
turn off, or control js with extensions compared to turning
off/controlling css?? I would wager less for the latter.


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