[uf-discuss] Microformats and Firefox 3

Farndon, Tony tony.farndon at forestry.gsi.gov.uk
Wed Sep 5 05:42:07 PDT 2007

To try and give where I am coming from some context, this is how I see
it all working in my head:

FF3 has a set of (3?) methods for alerting/displaying/provding actions
for uF

1) An Operator style toolbar
2) An Operator Style status icon
3) Within the content of the page (+1 and then some for dimitrys margins
approach, best I've seen yet, visible yet unobtrusive whilst still
provding some sort of location on the page display - aside: default next
to scrollbar, statisically more content on lefthand side of page)

Users can choose any or all of the three options. However, option 3
might well place something on a webpage that the designer feels strongly
against (for example a left navigation pane that keeps getting hidden by
the margin marker approach for people that prefer margin markers on the

This is where you turn to css and a designer can simply declare

.vcard {
-moz-uf-display: none;

This tells FF3 NOT to display the margin markers for that page
regardless of whether the user has it on. This then allows the designer
to add his own uF icons.

Now onto actions. And this is where I like the protocol approach. As a
designer, you can turn off all the option 3 page uF icons as above, add
you own div/a/img etc eg <a href="uf://export.hcard">Add to Address

In 4 simple lines, you have told FF3 to stop adding stuff over your
page, given the control of the action to yourself and where it appears.


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