[uf-discuss] Some questions about Microformats implementation

Bruno Miguel brunoalexandremiguel at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 07:41:56 PST 2008

I recently decided to implement hCard in my blog. But I have some 

This is my implementation:
<div class="agent vcard" style="display:none">

<a class="url fn" href="http://conversasdobruno.webtuga.net">Bruno 
Miguel</a><br />
<a class="email" 
<a class="url" href="xmpp:brunoalexandremiguel at gmail.com">Gtalk</a>

<span class="adr">
<span class="locality">Coimbra</span>,
<span class="country-name">Portugal</span>

<span class="geo">
<span class="latitude">40.203379</span>,
<span class="longitude">-8.407588</span>


With Operator extension it works ok (that is, when the extension works 
how it should), but with the following validator it 

In the validator, the address appears as a # and the xmpp url appears as 
part of my website url.
I'm, most likely, doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out. Can 
anyone help me with this?

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