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This Fortnight in Microformats – March 17th–30th

‘This Week in Microformats’ is a summary of notable microformats activity from the mailing lists, wiki, events and the wider web. On the wiki New profiles have been produced for more microformats. These can be optionally placed in the head element of a page to indicate the use of particular microformats. We’ve reorganised the wiki todo […]

This Fortnight in Microformats

A bumper round up of new microformats implementations, mailling list activity, wiki additions and highlights from the web‑at‑large from 4th–17th December 2006.

Wiki Attack

We had a bit of trouble with our wiki this weekend- on Saturday, we recieved a spam attack from 164 different IP addresses, which deleted pretty much every page on our wiki. We’ve restored the wiki and locked it down a bit (must be logged in to edit, only admins can create new accounts), but […] at 11

Thanks to Julie Anne Noying for the meme birthday card. In this day and age of web frameworks that rise and fall like seasonal fashion displays, bait-and-break APIs, and sudden site-deaths, it’s nothing short of incredible that we’ve been able to continue evolving, improving, and growing microformats use for 11 years. All that incremental work […] at 7

Last week the community celebrated its 7th birthday at a gathering hosted by Mozilla in San Francisco and recognized accomplishments, challenges, and opportunities. Humans First: Admin Emeriti & New Admins The microformats tagline “humans first, machines second” forms the basis of many of our principles, and in that regard, we’d like to recognize a […]