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Recently in Microformats

This Week in Microformats’ is a summary of notable microformats activity from the mailing lists, wiki, events and the wider web.

On the wiki

  • We’ve documented machine data usage in microformats (date and time formats, geographic locations, keywords in certain formats). The page is a quick reference for all the formats we specify, the all the current supported methods on how to embed data alongside your own text, in an HTML valid manner.

On the µf-Discuss mailing list

  • Discussion off the back of the BBC’s request for help learning about screen reader usage.

On the web

  • The BBC are asking for help in finding out how people use screen reader applications to read web pages aloud; critically, whether they have them set to always read the title attribute of abbreviation elements. Please give them some feedback if you can, it helps improve the information we have to work with on future patterns.
  • Martin McEvoy has released TransFormr: A Simple set of XSLT and PHP tools for Transforming Microformats. (“Read Martin’s introduction from µf-discuss”)
  • Hi5 have added hCard and XFN support to their friends lists.
  • Mahalo have added microformats to their search result pages.
  • Toluu have added an hCard-based profile import function to their sign-up process.

In the real world

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