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Microformats Wiki 2.0 is Live!

Thank you to everyone for being patient whilst I ran the MediaWiki upgrade this evening. It took a little longer than hoped thanks to very slow database migration scripts, but the microformats wiki is now live again, and back to full read-write access.

There’s a lot to say about the process of the redesign, which I’ll try to capture at a later date on my personal blog, since it’s been an interesting project to work through. But, For a more immediate summary of what’s been changed and enhanced (plus some gotcha bug-fixes made to MediaWiki itself), check out the Wiki 2.0 page on the wiki itself.

For the casual observer, you can get an idea of the redesign by visiting and comparing the the Wiki front page, the hCard specification and the hAtom draft specification.

We’ve also got space set aside on the wiki to file bug reports (wiki-2-issues), and feedback is welcome in the comments here as well as on the microformats-discuss mailing list.

The aim, as always, is that improvements like this to our tools will help us to more effectively work with and build microformats; I very much hope you like the changes.