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Before we get too far in 2010, it's worth documenting all the amazing launches of support, books, and general adoption of microformats that happened in 2009. Please add suggestions (preferably with URLs and images).

2009 year in review suggestions

in general or summary



  • First microformatsDevCamp held at Automattic headquarters in San Francisco with (count?) attendees



  • "Microformats Made Simple" book by Emily Lewis published by New Riders (ISBN: 0-321-66077-3)

[2] In Microformats Made Simple, author Emily Lewis demystifies these simple open data formats that are designed for people first, machines second. With practical, easy-to-understand markup examples for a wide range of web content, she teaches readers everything they need to know to start adding semantic richness to their sites, which can improve SEO and standards compliance, and supports extensible data publishing. Emily also discusses historical challenges in working with microformats, including accessibility, and how the new value class pattern addresses these challenges.


  • First San Francisco microformats workshop held by Tantek Çelik