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I am mucking about currently coding a static site containing the beginnings of a collection of health information that will need to be updated and kept current and shared by several resources. I hope that at some point we can retreat from the static world and move to something scrape-able if not databased, but want the markup there now...just in case. I'm exploring using hAtom for each "article" for now, but may need to explore some means of extending it as the content and need suggests. I'm sure I'm going at this bassackwards, but it is the best I can do for now.

Released into public domain

I agree to release all my text and image contributions (past, present and future), into the public domain*. Please be aware that other contributors might not have done the same, so if you want to use pages with my contributions under public domain terms, please check past contributors' user pages.

"^ Creative Commons Public Domain License, the original at or any later version published by Creative Commons; with either a waiver of rights, or an assertion that no rights attach to a particular work."