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BrightKite SMS syntax

Brightkite's mobile commands are available on their text message reference guide page.

Brightkite's text messaging functionality is available on AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, T-Mobile®, Boost, Alltel and Suncom.

BrightKite basics

There are 2 ways to opt-in your mobile device:

  • Specify your phone number when you sign up, or on your account screen.
  • Send @place (for example, @Denver, CO) to 80289 in the US, or +44 7624 805707 outside the US.


Checking In

  • @place: check in at an address or business. e.g. @1026 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA or Ritual ROasters. Shorter forms can sometimes work too, e.g. 1026 Valencia St, SF CA
  • MARK newplacemark: creates placemark newplacemark for your currently checked in location. e.g. MARK ritro
  • @placemark: check in at a placemark. Note: you must have previously defined it. e.g. @ritro
  • JOIN username: Checks you in at the same location as the specified user.


  • SAY: message Posts a note to your current place.
    • ! message: posts a message to your currently checked in location. e.g. !the line is out the door. Shortcut for "SAY" command.
  • POSTPHOTO: Gets instructions on how to post a photo to your current place.


  • NOTES: Lists notes posted at your current place.
  • PHOTOS: Lists photos posted at your current place.
  • WHO: Lists any other users checked in at your current place.
  • PASTVISITORS: Lists users that have previously checked in at your current place.
  • MARK placemark: Gives your current place the specified placemark.
  • UNMARK placemark: Deletes the specified placemark.
  • LEAVE: Checks you out from your current place.

Users & Friends

  • MSG username message: Sends a direct message to the specified user.
    • M username message: Shortcut for "MSG". Sends direct message to a specified user
  • FRIEND username: Sends a friend request to the specified user.
  • UNFRIEND username: Unfriends the specified user.
  • BLOCK username: Blocks the specified user and prevents them from seeing your checkins or posts.
  • UNBLOCK username: Unblocks the specified user.
  • NUDGE username: Sends a message to the specified user encouraging them to check in.
  • WHERE username: Finds out where the specified user is currently checked in.
  • WHEREAMI: Tells you where you're currently checked in.
  • PROFILE username: Gets the specified user's profile.
  • SETPROFILE text: Sets your profile to the specified text.
  • NAME username: Changes your username.

Privacy & Notifications

  • PUBLIC: Sets your privacy mode to public.
  • PRIVATE: Sets your privacy mode to private.
  • ON: Turns notifications on.
  • OFF: Turns notifications off.
  • NN: Show current nearby notification settings.
  • NN ON: Turn on nearby notifications.
  • NN OFF: Turn off nearby notifications.
  • NN ALL: Set nearby notifications to apply to all activity within nearby radius.
  • NN FRIENDS: Set nearby notifications to only apply to friend activity within nearby radius.
  • NN CLOSE: Set nearby notifications radius to 20 meters.
  • NN BLOCK: Set nearby notifications radius to 200 meters.
  • NN NEIGHBORHOOD: Set nearby notifications radius to 2000 meters.
  • NN AREA: Set nearby notifications radius to 4000 meters.

Utility commands

  • HELP: Provides general help
  • COMMANDS: Provides help on what commands are available, etc.
  • STOP: Disables your account and asks you to confirm before deleting
  • STOP ALL: delete your Brightkite account, including all content that you've created

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