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With the upgrade to the wiki we have begun using a couple of MediaWiki Categories for drafts and specifications. For now this usage of categories is intentionally extremely limited. If there are additional suggestions for Categories, please document them here for now. The respective how-to-play guildeline has been updated accordingly.

The list of currently active categories can be viewed at Special:Categories.


  • "Pre-Draft Specifications" for efforts like haudio, figure, hproduct, and hrecipe, which seem to be converging on relatively stable specs, but haven't got there quite yet; and "Exploratory Discussions" for efforts which are still in the early stages. (But no custom style sheets for those categories.) TobyInk 17:37, 17 November 2008 (UTC)
  • "Parser Implementors" for documenting "These people have implemented parsers for one or more Microformat. If you are trying to write a parser, then they may be able to offer advice. To add yourself to this list, just add the following code to your user page: [[Category:Parser_Implementors]]." -- TobyInk