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Comment Problem

Shortform: あなたはどうやってblogのコメントを追跡しますか?

Longform: あなたがblogに書いたコメントやblogにあるコメントのうちあなたが興味を持ちそうなもの、あなた自身のblogに他人が書いたコメントをどうやって追跡しますか?

あなたはこれを解決するためにどのような方法を用いますか? プログラムで表示させますか? それとも、データストアのようなものに格納しますか? 検索しますか? 集積しますか(aggregated)?


  • dotBen (Ben Metcalfe)
  • Tantek Çelik
  • Stephanie Booth for coComment (wannabe contributor)

Examples of desired behaviors

  • I post a comment to a blog, and want to monitor responses made to my comment - but I don't want to have to visit the website regularly to manually check for reponses
  • I want to monitor all comments published to my blog in my newsreader
  • I want to be able to be alerted when someone posts a comment to my favourite blog

Examples of existing formats, products and services

  • coComment provides this kind of functionality by requireing each commentor to regisger an account with them and use a client-based bookmarklet to post a copy of the comment to the cocomment servers. This results in a semantically forked converastion. It does however provide an RSS feed for each blog post.
  • WordPress already offers a comment stream RSS feed that can be pulled into the representation of the standard RSS feed of a blog via extensions in the originally feed.
  • See comment-examples for more specific examples of comments being published on blogs and other sites.