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This page is for collecting real-world publishing examples of event information to inform the design of microformats2 h-event.

While hCalendar 1.0 provides the 'rdate' property, in microformats2, we have yet to express any kind of repeating event support, thus we are gathering real world examples to justify further expansion of h-event.

repeating events

weekly events

Perhaps the most common type of repeating events published on the web are weekly events, occurring on the same day of the week every week.

<p>There are 
  <b>Lindy Hop classes</b> 
  every Monday 
  Kemp Town Crypt Community Centre (Under St. George's Church) 
  St. George's Road Kemp Town, Brighton BN2 1ED
  from 8pm (beginners cost £3) 
  followed by improvers at 9pm (cost £4 or £5 for both classes).
  Afterwards you can 
  practice from&nbsp; 9pm to 10:30pm. 
  07767 660972 for further details or email 
  <a href="mailto:pennymilner@yahoo.com">pennymilner@yahoo.com</a>

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