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2006-06-21 Supernova Decentralizing Data Workshop

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Tuesday, June 21-23, 2006
 ??? PST
 ??? San Francisco, CA, USA
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Presentations and Announcements

Kevin Lawver of AOL

Decentralized Data: AIM Pages - My Favorite AIM Pages Feature launched! Slide

Rohit Khare of Commercenet

Brian Dear of EVDB

Brian announced that EVDB hosts and publishes over one million events in the hCalendar microformat, and that EVDB is working on an hCalendar validator.

Tantek Çelik of Technorati

Decentralizing Data Slides:

Matt Kaufman of Edgeio

Distributed Marketplaces - announcements: Slides:

This week: 465,000 hListings published and available on the Web. Next week: pinging pingerati with new listings Next month: publishing RSS+hListing

Matt Augustine of Microsoft

Check out the screencast of Live Clipboard and SSE screencast:

Andy Baio of Yahoo!

Yahoo! Local fully supports the hCalendar, hCard, and hReview microformats - over 15 million new microformatted chunks now on the Web.

Session Comments and Q&A


See also the supernova2006 tag on Flickr.