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geo advocacy

Part of the larger microformats Advocacy effort. Adding "Geo" markup (inside hCard where appropriate) to these sites would improve their usability and ambient findability.


routes and tracks

Sites which currently offer downloadable routes or tracks (as KML, GPX or similar files) could also offer a "view on-line" option, with the coordinates listed on a web page, marked-up with Geo (and hCard) microformats, which could then be parsed with whatever tool the user chooses.:



    • Requested via feedback form, 2007-01-27 Andy Mabbett
    • "The true benefit of this appears to be allowing sharing between sites [this] is something that GC specifically guards against so would be a major detriment. And most importantly when discussing a site or piece of software that is running smoothly, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. There just does not seem to be a benefit to GC's current plans." 2007-04-02

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