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We often waste a lot of time to seek a solution for a bug or looking for an old machine driver ... In most cases, log-files or Hijackthis reports can cause confusion on Search engine results.


  • Bilel Hawari (bilelhawari@gmail.com)

Examples of desired behaviors

Log-files and bug reports could be attached with a specific extension (.log .run) that could be ignored by search engine robots. Or that could be blocked by robots.txt rules.

Robot Exclusion is a nice Microformat project published by Peter Janes to to solve such problem.

But, what if we want to search in these reports data ? The best way is to add a specific microformats for these reports.

Different actual behaviours

Example of a bad behaviour

in BBcode [Code] tag

Some forums like Techspot avoid such spammy behaviour by obliging members to post log-files as an attachment. See their rules


<div class="hjack">
Running processes:

Tools and resources

Scan software like Hijackthis or RunScanner could adopt this project by providing specific headers or tags. Forum administrators could add a custom bbCode to enable hJack implemantation.

Some of forum software allow us easily to add custom bbCode tags.

The list below can encourage many forum administrators to adopt microformats and show better search-friendly forum topics :

phpBB : See the tutorial vBulletin : See the tutorial SMF : Custom bbCode Mod for SMF PunBB : Custom bbCode Mod for PunBB for

Tag properties :


HTML replacement :

<div class="hjack">{TEXT}</div>