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hCard examples issues

Issues with specific examples and techniques recommended on the hCard examples page, grouped by similar heading.


MSN Messenger

Regarding hcard-examples#MSN_Messenger which was updated 14 May 2006 - Ruben

Ruben, I tried this, and "msnim:" is an unrecognized protocol on MacOSX.4 (this is with the latest MSN Messenger for Mac installed and running and logged int). Could you provide links to documentation about "msnim:" and links to actual pages that publish their MSNIM ids this way? I don't know of any - Tantek

Tantek, Wikipedia's History of Windows Live Messenger states that MSN Messenger 7.5 for Windows, among other things, introduced: "the msnim protocol handler, allowing Web sites to provide links which automatically add a contact or start conversations (for example clicking on link msnim:chat?contact=login@passport.net will start chat conversation with user login@passport.net).". The Mac version is notoriously lagging behind, sadly. --chucker 11:33, 29 Jun 2006 (PDT)

It also seems that the msnim protocol handler in only supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 (haven't tried earlier versions) on Windows. Latest versions of Firefox, Opera and Netscape Navigator doesn't recognize the protocol. Well, for at least, not at the moment. - Juha Liikala

ADR type definition and LABEL type definition

Both these examples use <abbr> to mark up text which is not an abbreviation of the title of the <abbr> tag. Shouldn't these be replaced with examples that use semantic markup? Jim O'Donnell

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