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This is a page for brainstorming proposals for a how-to microformat for authors and publishers to markup solutions to common problems.

Per the microformats The microformats process, the following pages need to be first created and documented, and then brainstorming should be based upon the research therein.

problem statement

Every day we are looking for some kind of manual to solve our problems. If we can not effectively use Web search engine, it is quite time consuming task. Solution to this problem would be how-to microformat.

how-to proposal

possible schema of how-to:

  • howto - main class
    • problem - problem which the solution solve.
    • category - domain or category of problem (IT, horticulture)
    • summary
    • equipment - working tools and working conditions (hammer, brush tool, some kind of IDE...)
    • components - parts needed for repair, modification or creation of something that is the subject of the problem, can be used with microformat hProduct
    • duration - time duration, used with microformat hCalendar
    • price
    • instructions - steps to solve problem
    • warning
    • tip
    • author - author of solution (hCard)
    • published - datetime of publishing
    • tag - for keywords, rel-tags


I think that better property name for working tools and conditions will be equipments -- Juraj Sivak

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