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activity verb brainstorming

Part of the activity streams effort. Per the microformats The microformats process this page is here to document brainstorming for common/generic activity verbs.

common verbs

  • post. posting covers today's default/implied verb in most feeds, and always has a direct object with a permalink. Specific examples:
    • posting a comment
    • posting a review
    • submitting an article to digg (typically includes a brief summary by the submitter, a primary category)
    • ...
  • collect. AKA bookmark. a lightweight way of adding something to a collection that does not imply endorsement or curation of the item in anyway.
    • delicious
    • magnolia
  • favorite. favoriting is similar to collecting, but strongly implies that the subject likes the object, perhaps recommends it, and may even be curating it as part of a collection of things they like. The semantic is distinct (and common) enough to merit its own verb.
  • vote. similar to Vote Links, sites often allow you to vote-up or down an item.
    • Digg's digg vs. bury
  • relationshipped. unilateral relationship change. when one person makes a unilateral (typically assymetric) change to their relationship with another person.
    • Twitter follow (or unfollow, see
    • XFN relationship value change (see XFN Implementations, in particular the Six Apart relationship update stream).
  • (term needed) bilateral relationship change. when two people agree on a change to their relationship. Can this not just be two unilateral relationship changes? Why not?
    • "became friends"
    • ...
  • updated. updated personal info
    • someone mentioned it at the meetup, perhaps the concrete example was Facebook profile photo update?
    • update location (i.e. hCard 1.0 geo property) via Brightkite, Dodgeball, FireEagle AKA "check in"
    • ...
  • experience. experienced/read/listened/viewed
    • scrobbled a track on
    • read an item in a news reader (see also attention for similar/previous work)
  • (term needed) gifting
    • FaceBook gifts
    • ...
  • (term needed) add to wish list
    • FriendFeed - shows when adding Amazon wishlist items
    • ...
  • (term needed) buying
    • Facebook / Beacon news feed feature shows when you buy something
    • ...
  • (terms needed) RSVPS to events on Evite, Upcoming, Pownce, Facebook. Separate terms are likely needed for each of these distinct event related actions.
    • Attend
    • Interested
    • Decline

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