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* [[User:Tantek|Tantek Çelik]]
* [[User:Tantek|Tantek Çelik]]
* [http://twitter.com/bethdean/statuses/13409565735 Beth Dean]
* [http://twitter.com/plasticmind/status/13449974891 Jesse Gardner]
* [http://twitter.com/themattharris/statuses/13399961325 Matt Harris]
* [http://twitter.com/mahemoff/status/13412945730 Michael Mahemoff]
* [http://twitter.com/BenWard/statuses/13394555994 Ben Ward]
* ...
* ...
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* [[Google]] rich snippets
* [[Google]] rich snippets
* [[Yahoo]] SearchMonkey
* [[Yahoo]] SearchMonkey
* [[events/2010-05-02-microformats-2-0|microformats 2.0 discussion]]
* ...
* ...

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<entry-title>microformats / web 2 expo meetup dinner drinkup!</entry-title>

One of several microformats Regular Meetups & Dinners Microformats events.


2010-05-04 from 19:00 to 22:00
21st Amendment, 563 2nd Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 USA
Microformats Weekly Meetup Dinner, San Francisco

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Weekly Meetup

In town for Web 2.0 Expo or just want to catch up on all the recent news and developments around microformats?

Google has added hRecipe 0.22 support to their Rich Snippets (in addition to hCard, hCalendar, etc.)

RelMeAuth has been drafted and a PHP open source implementation is in active progress.

There are now over 1.88 billion hCard 1.0 on the public Web according to Yahoo SearchMonkey, perhaps the most successful identity/profile format in history.

And according to The State of Web Development 2010 survey results, 43% of web developers actively use microformats in their work. How can we can increase that to 50% or more?

Come join us for a drink, snack, or dinner and meet your fellow modern web developers!

In another city? Check out Weekly Meetup: Other Cities and help organize one in your own city!


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