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This page is for documenting previous efforts at formats for web forms that input contact information (people or organizations/venues) towards brainstorming the use of hCard for input into forms for enabling hCard forms auto-fill and hCard 1.0 copy + paste.

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hCard properties on form elements

Use hCard properties as class names on form elements inside a container (such as a containing <fieldset> or the containing <form>) to indicate that those form elements accept values with the semantics of the respective hCard properties.


  • how to markup a containing <form>, <fieldset>, or <div> element with the root class name vcard.
  • how to markup <input type="text" > elements with hCard property names


  • how to markup <select> elements (e.g. for state/region and country name, many examples)
  • how to markup compound input fields, e.g. City, State Zip all in one field (per Yelp add business example)

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