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Itinerary Problem

Imagine that you are a user visiting a tourism website with itinerary suggestions for a weekend, a holiday trip or other.

How could you use that itinerary information suggested?


  • Luís Nóbrega (

Examples of desired behaviors

  • Appoint all the days that you will travel in your calendar and notify the closest contacts that you will be on holidays.
  • Save in your GPS software all the points of passage.
  • Save in your digital notebook (e.g. Evernote) how is going to be the weather in that period, the local history and cultural habits, tips, and others.
  • Create all recommended planning tasks in your task management software (e.g. Remember the Milk).

Examples of existing itinerarys on the web

  • See itinerary-examples for more specific examples of itinerarys being published on tourism websites.