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This page is for documenting background / reasoning for using "p-job-title" in h-card instead of "title" from hCard 1.0/vCard specifications. Any such renaming should be an exception and not a regular occurence. Thus we must document the background (problems, prior art) for deciding to do so.

Problems with title

  • 'title' is overloaded and ambiguous
  • 'title' is mostly presentational, when there are other more semantic terms that can and are used.
    • E.g. 'name' is often more accurate/precise/semantic, e.g.
      • song names - iTunes has "Name" as the header, not "Title"
      • blog posts - h-entry has "p-name" since that's what it really is, the name of an article or blog post.

Prior art for job-title

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