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Listing Formats

This is an exploratory page to document current and previous listing formats.


  • Trevor O'Reilly
  • Emiliano Martínez Luque



The following is a list of related e-business initiatives. While the scope of these projects is much larger than the problem addressed here, they may provide good reference points for property and process naming conventions. Included primarily for completeness.

  • CommerceNet
    • CommerceNet is a non-profit membership organization meeting the evolving needs of companies doing electronic commerce.
  • ebXML
    • ebXML (Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language), is a modular suite of specifications that enables enterprises of any size and in any geographical location to conduct business over the Internet.
  • ECML
    • The Electronic Commerce Modeling Language provides a simple set of guidelines for web merchants that will enable digital wallets from multiple vendors to automate the exchange of information between users and merchants.
  • IOTP
    • The Open Trading Protocol was developed by a number of organizations, working cooperatively to make widespread Internet trading a convenient and secure reality.
  • UDEF
    • The Universal Data Element Framework is a cross-industry metadata identification strategy designed to facilitate convergence and interoperability among e-business and other standards.
  • UBL
    • UBL, the Universal Business Language, is the product of an international effort to define a royalty-free library of standard electronic XML business documents such as purchase orders and invoices.
  • RosettaNet
    • A self-funded, non-profit organization, RosettaNet is a consortium of major Computer and Consumer Electronics, Electronic Components, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Telecommunications and Logistics companies working to create and implement industry-wide, open e-business process standards. These standards form a common e-business language, aligning processes between supply chain partners on a global basis.
  • Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS)
    • The Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) is the open standard for exchanging real estate transaction information. Consisting of a transaction specification and a standard Extensible Markup Language (XML) Document Type Definition (DTD), RETS is being implemented by many real estate industry leaders in their next generation of real estate information systems.
  • European Article Number
    • A barcoding standard which is a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC) system developed in North America. The EAN-13 barcode is defined by the standards organisation GS1. It is also called a Japanese Article Number (JAN) in Japan. UPC, EAN, and JAN numbers are collectively called Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), though they can be expressed in different kinds of barcodes. (from: European Article Number on Wikipedia)

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