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POSH Testimonials

Do you like posh? Blog a POSH Testimonial and link to it from here. Or if you prefer, you can also write one directly on this page.

Blog Posts

  • Posh Girl:

    "At last! After microformats, AJAX, Web 2.0, XFN, JSON, XML-RPC (etc. etc.), they finally came up with a new fancy word that I can not only pronounce and remember, but actually understand as well! POSH - Plain Old Semantic HTML! Yup, I can do that :-)"

  • CVW Web Design Blog:

    "I intend to do what I can with my own code - and keep aware of the latest development in this area. I'd encourage all website authors to do the same."

  • The Internet’s Upper Class Or Why Your Site Should Be POSH:

    The idea is so simple it’s brilliant, get people to promote valid, semantic markup again.

  • pLAIN oLD sEMANTIC html:

    "After reading the last few threads of the html5 specification mail-shots, and witnessing a serious discussion about why table tags should be allowed inside p tags (I read in disbelief!), I think more than ever good clean semantic mark-up needs promoting and a silly acronym might just be the way forward."

  • Ian Hickson:

    Talking about HTML, Tantek has started pushing for a new acronym for me to add to my list of acronyms that don't mean anything new: now, in addition to DHTML, REST, and AJAX, he is adding posh. Plain Old Semantic HTML. It's actually a pretty good thing to be pushing for. I encourage everyone to publish POSH.

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