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QuickPack Syntax

Retrieved from the QuickPack page, QuickPack is an Applescript that allows you to post from Quicksilver to Backpack.


Calendar Entry

No shortcut is needed at the beginning of your text
Apr 5 6:30pm bake a cake

You can add "+rem" at the end of your text to invoke a reminder 30 minutes before your event
Apr 5 6:30pm go cake shopping +rem


Your text begins with "+todo"
+todo buy sugar for the cake


Begins with "+note"
The subject and the body are divided with a "+"
+note Cake recipe+take tons of sugar and mix it up with the rest


Begins with "+rem"
+rem +33 get the cake out of the oven

For a reminder with a specific date you must start with "+remdate"
The date and the text are divided with a "+"
+remdate Mar 8 2007 6:30pm+the cake task is completed

Email Page

Type "+mail"

Quick Help

Type "+help"