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reply-to is a rel value for use when linking to a URL that replies to the current page should be sent to, e.g. an email address.

Note: reply-to is distinct and different from rel-in-reply-to, which indicates that the current page is a reply to the page being linked to.


In a document that has a point of contact for comments, questions, or other feedback, the reply-to rel value should be used on a hyperlink to indicate that contact information.

If there are multiple points of contact for a document, all of these contacts should be concatenated into a list of email addresses in a single hyperlink with the reply-to rel value. The reply-to rel value should not be used on multiple hyperlinks in the same document.


If a document contains a hyperlink with the reply-to rel value, the first hyperlink with the reply-to rel value should be used as the address or addresses to send the contact message.

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