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Sorry for the long delay -- I've been sick for the past couple of

--- Chris Hibbert <chris at commerce.net> wrote:

>>--- Tim White wrote:
> > Likewise, author names in the citation format could be marked up
based on the hCard format. I've recently added hReview (using hCard for
reviews' names) to the reference reviews on our Web site
> hCard lets you insert the things you know about the author's contact 
> information, but I don't see an obvious way to use it to identify the
author of the work being reviewed.  Not quite the same thing.  Am I
missing something?

I was referring to the hReview spec -- "An hCard representing the
reviewer SHOULD be provided with full name and URL". Just as the
reviewers name gets marked up, so could the authors:
<span class="author fn">Isaac Asimov</span>
or even something like
<a class="url author fn" href="http://www.asimovonline.com/">Isaac

> I found a couple of book reviews at reviews.gale.com, but none of
them had any markup on the book's authors.  Can you point to an example
that  does?

I haven't implemented it on book authors yet on the site. I followed
the hReview format and use it around the reviewers' names. Or I should
say "meant to use" because I just looked at the site and realized I
didn't finish. I haven't added the "fn" to the reviewer's span. Whoops.

I've been having some e-mail exchanges with Brian Suda. We're trying to
work out a full bibliographic/citation format that would detail out
book titles and authors. I may start implementing ideas on the site as
we come up with them.

>> [me]
> > On a personal note, I'd simply like a way to
> > mark up book titles. There just isn't a good way to do that at the
> hReview requires that "item info" give the name of the reviewed
> object.
> Why isn't that what you are looking for?

There is nothing wrong with "item info" in a review. What I (and
others) am interested in is providing some semantics to describe titles
(especially outside of a review). Book, magazine and movie titles are
typically set in italics. Humans can generally discern from the context
what type of title the italized text is -- "So, I was reading <i>War
and Peace</i> the other day..." -- but if you strip out the italics, or
context, you don't know that it is a novel. 

Also, there are different formats for styling titles. I'm use to the
MLA style (italicized book titles) but at work I have to use AP style
which quotes book titles, except reference works which get no styling.
(Very confusing if you ask me.) 

Brian came up with an initial scheme that just might work: <span
class="title-novel">War and Peace</span>. The class lets us style it
for visual presentation readers are use to and it provides metadata for

Does this make more sense?

~ Tim

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